• How to make money at Valentine’s Day

    February 09, 2015

    Heart For years, jewelers have been looking for a solution to Valentine’s Day in the hopes of getting it in the ballpark of Christmas sales. Those who have succeeded realize a few key things:

    1. V-Day is a $50 to $200 holiday. That’s it. You will get bigger sales, but you should shoot for those price points. That’s the sweet spot.
    2. V-Day needs to be promoted heavily. It’s one of those holidays where the majors will be advertising like crazy. You need to be in the game. Hint – If the majors are marketing it, there’s profit to be had out there.
    3. You need to make it easy for men. Some of the best promotions feature flowers, dinner, chocolates and other things such as teddy bears. Guys love a one-stop-shop that makes them look like a hero.
    4. V-Day is practice. Treat it like you’re training young men to walk through your door and introducing them to your store. If they love the experience, they will be back for the engagement ring. Also, once they find a good jeweler, they will not be likely to shop around.

    Once you realize these key points about Valentine’s Day, you can create an action plan to make it profitable. It will never likely come near Christmas, but it sure can be a nice boost in cash flow for the spring.

  • #136 – Looking Back and Looking Forward

    January 04, 2015


    Today we take a look back and give ourselves a grade on a few aspects of our jewelry careers. A little self analysis and discussion will set us up for a great new year.

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  • #126 – Creating a WOW habit for your customers

    October 20, 2014

    GeorgeHere’s a FREE TRAINING session we did with our friends in Lockport New York on creating new WOW habits for our customers.

    When George Fritz from Mills Jewelers sent me his “Take the Green Path” email about changing habits in his jewelry store, I had to share it with all of you.  Here is the recorded video meeting we had the week after his staff attempted to change some habits.

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    Here are your notes and quiz.

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  • Brilliant! Get the door swinging & till ringing.

    August 08, 2014

    Colorful bags


    The thing I love most about David Geller is that he is fierce about getting rid of old inventory.  Here is a BRILLIANT idea he is sharing from a jeweler friend of his.   What a great way to get the door swinging in the middle of summer!

  • What would you give me to deliver a million dollar producer?

    August 04, 2014



    What would you give me if I found you a million dollar producer?  Seriously!  What’s it worth to you if I send you a person that could sell that amount of jewelry in a year? $20,000?  Perhaps $50,000? Of all the issues I talk with jewelers about, this one is right on top.  “How do I find that killer salesperson?”   I’ll tell you how I found mine right now, for free.

    It  begins with Hippocrates and Greek history.  Hippocrates developed the theory that we are all made up of a mixture of 4 primary personality types; sanguine (pleasure-seeking and sociable), choleric (ambitious and leader-like), melancholic (analytical and quiet), and phlegmatic (relaxed and peaceful).  Along with these primary personality types goes our individual motivations.  I, for example am Sanguine/Choleric but I have 5 very important motivations and they are: Thrives on encouragement, Musical, Inspirational, Loves People and Warm.

    Once you know yourself, then you can accurately tell people what they can expect from you.  For example, my wife Sharon knows that all she needs to do to get me to do something is to appeal to my love of encouragement. “Honey, thank you so much for replacing the faucet in the kitchen.  I absolutely love it.  I’d really like to have a ceiling fan above the sink.  Is that something you think you could do?”  Are you kidding me?  Get in the car. We’re headed to Home depot right now!

    I’ve just revealed to you how I found my big sales producers. And the great thing is, they were already working for me.  I didn’t have to pay anyone find them for me and I didn’t have to woo them away from another jewelry store (well I actually did do that but that was before they were big producers).  Once I understood my own personal motivations as well as each person on my team, I could now put the right people in the right place in the store and set each one of them up for success according to their own, individual motivations, not some formula out of a sales course that taught to only one personality type.

    When you understand what makes each person in your organization tick, you can speak individually to those motivations and encourage and uplift them. This ultimately focuses on people’s individual strengths and when you do that you will see tremendous growth right under your nose.

    So perhaps you have one or two million dollar producers right now but you’ve just been trying to light a fire under them instead of within them.   My friend Joe Kiedinger and I will be sharing how to bring out the big producers on your team as well as finding new ones at the Platinum Jeweler’s Academy in Chicago on September 15-17.  This isn’t one of those seminars that will send you home with a box of books and cds that will sit on the back shelf.  We’ll teach you employee engagement that will reveal hidden gems that are currently on your team and also what to look for in that new hire.  We’re going to feed you well and make sure you are very comfortable.  Sign up right now and begin finding your million dollar producers and you won’t even have to give me $20,000.

  • Counter Etiquette #1

    July 20, 2014

    This is the first in a series of videos done for Jeweller Magazine in Australia called Counter Etiquette. You’ll enjoy this short introduction to great customer service for your jewelry store. Get weekly video training for your staff HERE.

  • How I found the right people and kept them

    July 11, 2014

    Sharon was a member of our FIT Group.  This was a group of 12 jewelers who were accountable to each other and twice a year would gather at each other’s store to share everything from marketing to financials and everything else under the sun.  Sharon called me one day and said “I want you to come to my store and teach me to do what you did. You just seem to have all the right people and they stay with you.  I want that for my store.”   So I went.  This is what I taught her in a nutshell. 

    First we had to start with Sharon on the inside.  I knew her for a short time and after a conversation, I was sure she loved to have fun and get things done.  I was aware of her strengths and what made her tick. So the story of Sharon’s life is let’s have fun and let’s just do.  Now that we understood Sharon , we knew what she wanted for the store, and that was; When you walk into my store you’re going to enjoy yourself and you are going to get it done.

    Next we had conversations with everyone on staff. We learned tons about each other.  Sheri was a get-along, detailed person. Mark the goldsmith was a highly detailed achiever. Kaycee was always smiling, laughing, big eyes and approachable and Tina was all calm, laid back and efficient.  Now that we had everyone’s story, we could share it with each other and freely discuss strengths.  For example, everyone disrespected Kaycee because she would always drop the ball on customer follow-up and everyone else would get caught in the crossfire.  But the weird thing about Kaycee was that she is the top salesperson.  If she stands in front of you at the counter, you are buying… period!  And customers just love her for it.  So when we discovered that her tendency is FUN, we could now work on ways to support her with her strengths and to have Sheri team up with her to support her with the details.  What a team they make!

    Then there was Mark the goldsmith.  He is highly detailed and focused. He enjoys being appreciated by customers.  Everything he touches ends up looking perfect.  He is meticulous with everything and has an amazing attention to detail. So when one of the gals came in to have a quick jump ring soldered on Mrs. Best Customer’s charm bracelet, he would insist on the standard take-in process and promise date, because he could not take his focus off the job he was currently working on.

    We had a store meeting and talked about what was great about each person on the team and then we began to learn how to talk to each other.  For example, Kaycee was not built for detail. Her world revolves around fun, so much that if it’s not fun, she shuts down. That is what is great about Kaycee, she has this knack for lifting the spirits in the store when it’s slow. So now when talking with her, we knew that if we needed her to get a detailed project done such as custom, we would discuss how happy Margaret will be when Tom gives her this re-styled mother’s ring.  And when talking with Mark about needing to drop what he was doing to take care of a great customer, we would use words like, “Mark, Mrs. Jacobson is here and you know she won’t let anyone but you touch her jewelry.  She would love this ring sized up for her anniversary dinner tomorrow night.  Can she count on you?”

    So now Sharon had a team that is aware and understands each other.  This built a phenomenal store atmosphere and respect among her team.  Now her sales goals and pay plan are all melded together and she can truly enjoy her business.  Also, because everyone knows each other’s strengths, Sharon no longer needs to light a fire under her staff.  She began to light a fire within them and now they had the fire within themselves.  In the long run, people began tp clamor at the door to work for Sharon and she has reduced turnover, except for the occasional retirement. Now Sharon can work ON her business instead of trying to babysit her staff to do what she was trying so hard to accomplish, grow the store.

    Once you determine what makes you tick, you can then set the stage you desire for your store.  This will also tell you where you need to hire.  For example, Sharon enjoyed people and achieving sales and she was terrible at financials.  So she hired a great bookkeeper who was also great at the details of inventory and other very work that neither Sharon nor her staff were interested in doing.  It also helps your staff get in the right position.  For example, Sheri was a person who enjoyed getting along and paying attention to details and she wasn’t as outgoing with customers as Kaycee, but she was awesome at the details.  If you wanted a custom job, Sheri was your gal because she would listen to the customer intently and grab every speck of detail from them to have Mark create precisely what they wanted.  Mark loved this about her.  So Sheri just knew that she had team up with Sharon or Kaycee  to engage the customer. As soon as the ice was broken Sheri was on her own.  The result of this process was team work. They worked so well together to overcome each other’s areas of need.  Also, when the need to hire more staff came (and it always will when this all a starts to pop), Sharon could determine what she needed to fill and plug in the right person for that position. By the way, there is a way to become aware and understand your staff quickly.  And the same method works to get to know and understand a new hire candidate quickly.  I’ll tell you more next time.

    Now of course if you’re thinking this requires more work, it doesn’t.  These strengths can all be discovered during daily conversation.  Once you have engaged in these conversations, everything changes.  It is easy, informative and fun!  And guess what?  Your customers will notice big time and sales will rise.

    The funny thing was…. we found the right staff right inside her store!

    Learn how do do this perfectly at the Platinum Jeweler’s Academy. You and your staff will be VERY glad you did!



    May 28, 2014

    dog breathEVERYBODY’S GOT THAT ONE THING….. that they would love to address their staff with if only they could. Tell me what it is and I’ll create a custom store training video for you. Yup! I’ll tell them they need to dress better, show up on time, quit fighting over sales, lose the attitude or whatever you can think of that grinds your gears. I’m serious! Send me an email and I’ll create a 15 minute video and send it to you under the auspices that you are “thinking of buying this guy’s videos”. Let’s see what we can do with your staff. EMAIL ME at jim@jewelrymarketingguy.com right now. I dare ya.

  • SEO Done RIGHT for Jewelers

    May 22, 2014

    If you’re not found at the TOP of Google searches in your area, your business is invisible. My friends over at 4Spot Marketing have had great success with jewelers getting them to rank right up there, making them among the first to be clicked on. Learn more at http://4spotmarketing.com/jimmy

  • #102 – Cash Flow

    May 04, 2014

    This meeting discusses steps owners, managers and sales staff can take to create healthy cash flow in their jewelry stores.

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